Japanese Magazine Taking a Beef Tour of the United States

We hope you had a great Fourth of July! We know we did! All that food and eating had us thinking about the beef industry. Well, we suppose that’s unavoidable, but let’s look at some recent developments in the industry. The beef industry is a fascinating one, with many across the world expressing an interest… Read more »

How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Summer is finally here or, let’s rephrase that, it’s right around the corner. With the warm months ahead, there are many causes to celebrate and perhaps none more forgettable (unfortunately) than Father’s Day, which tends to be overshadowed by Mother’s Day. So this coming Father’s Day, let’s not forget the efforts of fathers all across… Read more »

Exporting American Cattle All over the World

At Flying H Genetics, you know we’re proud of our cows and our breeding strategies. All across the world, America is known for having the greatest cows around. In other words, the stock is strong, just like the everyday American. Being our love for this industry is strong, we’re very interested in what’s happening in… Read more »

Beef Industry Leaders Take a Look at Safety

Making sure cattle are raised properly and beef is manufactured, packaged, and delivered safely is always a top priority in the industry, and that’s exactly why the annual Beef Industry Safety Summit exists. Several leaders from throughout the industry recently met to discuss these issues and more, ensuring that the practices currently in place are… Read more »