Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 17 Quality Standards are used as the basis for our customer satisfaction guarantee. For example, one of the quality standards is disposition. We cull hard for bad dispositions and don’t want to sell any animal that is a problem. If, after you get your purchase home you feel disposition is a problem just give us a call and we’ll replace the animal with another of your choice. Another quality standard is conformation and structural soundness. If a bull is purchased that proves to have a structural problem that we didn’t find we will replace him with another bull of the buyers choice. Find a complete list of our 17 Quality Standards for high quality bulls here.

Calving Ease Guarantee

This is another part of our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. All bulls sold at Flying H Genetics come with a calving ease guarantee. Whether sold as “heifer” bulls or not, if used as directed, any above normal calving problems that can be attributed to the bull will cause the bull to be sold for slaughter and a full refund applied to a replacement bull of the buyers choice is issued. If needed, DNA tests will be used to identify the correct bull if used in a multibull breeding situation.

5 Star System

Because of the interest in, need for, and important of correctly identifying bulls to be used on first calf heifers, Flying H Genetics has developed a “5 Star System”. This system ranks bulls we believe (and guarantee) will work on heifers and not cause above normal calving difficulty due to size and shape of the calf.

“One Star”

One Star bulls should work on larger, well-developed heifers with above average pelvic measurements.

“Three Star”

Three Star bulls increase the comfort level and degree of calving ease and can be used in most heifer development situations.

“Five Star”

Five Star bulls give exceptional calving ease with little assistance excepted, except in abnormal presentations, etc.

All bulls offered by Flying H that qualify to be guarantees as heifer bulls will be identified by the 5 Star System. Even this system cannot guarantee every heifer bred to these bulls will calve unassisted. There are at least 16 different criterions that affect calving ease with birth weight being the largest factor. Other factors like sex of calf, shape of calf, and size of bone, condition score of heifer, age of heifer, feed protein level, weather prior to and during calving, the heifers genetics for calving ease and birth weight, gestation length, heterosis, pelvic opening size and presentation of calf all affect calving ease.

The 5 Star System is not perfect but will eliminate most problems caused by the genetics of the bulls breeding the heifers. And-if we find one that doesn’t work and he is guaranteed for calving ease on heifers with our 5 Star System – we will replace him with another bull of choice with full credit from original bull. It’s not perfect, but it is one of the best systems and guarantee you’ll find anywhere.

Complete Data Documentation

Registration Certificates from all breeds associations with calculated EPD’s are provided with every registered animal. Every production measure from birth weight and gestation length to ratios and scrotal measurements, semen tests and ultrasound results are accurately recorded and submitted for proper documentation and proof. Much of this data is used to cull out the genetics that don’t meet our 17 Quality Standards and allows you to rank and sort the cattle according to your specific needs and wants.

Volume Discounts

Volume discount of 5% will be credited on 5-9 bulls and 10% discount will be credited on 10 or more bulls purchased in either the Nebraska or Missouri spring sales or combined purchases from both spring sales. You can use your purchases in Nebraska to help meet volume discounts in Missouri to be applied to bulls purchased in Missouri.

Customer Appreciation Discounts

After you have purchased over $5000.00 worth of bulls from Flying H Genetics you automatically qualify for a CAD discount on every bull you buy. This $25 per head discount is given at the time of purchase and is added on top of any other discounts that you may have.

Ways to Buy our Genetics

A big part of customer service is having the product you need when you need it. That’s why Flying H Genetics offers Gelbvieh, Balancer, Simmental, SimAngus, Angus, Red Angus genetics. These different genetic packages can fill your needs no matter what type of cows you have or the end point you are targeting.

We also offer you easy ways to buy bulls
  1. Our annual auctions the first Saturday of March (Nebraska) , third Saturday of March (Missouri), last Saturday of October (Missouri) offering over 400 bulls a year.
  2. Private Treaty Sales