What Are Your Ownership Options When Purchasing a Ranch?

Are you in the process of either purchasing an existing ranching business or starting one on your own? If so, it’s important to note there are several ways you can set your ranching business up. Think about your current needs as well as your future needs before picking the option that’s best for you. Here… Read more »

What is Beef Quality Assurance?

As a cattle rancher, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to produce the most high quality beef possible. One way to increase your chances of doing it is by educating yourself about a nationally coordinated program called Beef Quality Assurance, or BQA. It’s a program designed to teach producers… Read more »

Tips for Buying Cattle at Auction

Attending auctions, either private or consignment auctions, is a great way to stock your ranch with cattle.   But be careful and have a bidding plan in place before you go. Ease your way into bidding on cattle. When you attend an auction to buy cattle for the first time, it’s easy to come across as… Read more »

Ranches vs. Farms

If you aren’t a part of the agricultural industry, you probably use the words “farm” and “ranch” interchangeably. To you, they’re one and the same. But those in the agricultural industry know better than to mix up the two. Yes, farms and ranches are both typically situated on large plots of land. However, they are,… Read more »