Simmental Bulls For Sale

At Flying H Genetics, we work hard for you the customer everyday to provide excellent quality cattle made up of sound genetics from the breed leaders. Our ranch is focused on 5 breeds of cattle that perform well for us.

Simmental Beef Cattle for Sale

Flying H First Ascent 117Y

One of the Simmental breed’s biggest advantages is it’s adaptability. Breeders around the world have created animals that uniquely suit their environment or purpose. From the heat-tolerance of Simbrahs, the superior milk production of Fullbloods, the exceptional beef production of SimAngus, to the heterosis boost of SimGenetics the Simmental influence generates value at all levels of production.

Long term success in the beef business depends largely on the continued support of beef consumers. The world demand for quality beef is high, and the American Simmental Association (ASA) is committed to providing consumers with safe, affordable, and tasty beef.
ASA’s Carcass Merit Program, Feed Conversion data and Calving Ease research establishes Simmental as a beef industry leader combining growth and carcass value with outstanding cow traits. ASA’s research is backed by the most extensively documented and databased genetics in the industry.

In addition to high value purebred cattle, Simmental genetics’ flexibility allows operations to capture genetics from unique British and Continental sources in order to produce specialized animals for cattle exhibitors and other niche markets in the beef industry.