What’s the FUSION Cattle Breed?

Flying H Genetics has spent several years utilizing three different breeds of beef cattle (Angus, Gelbvieh, and Simmental both black and red) as purebreds and hybrids to produce the best beef genetic packages possible for our customers. This experience reinforced the importance of heterosis (crossbred vigor) in profitable beef production.

Continually looking to improve the genetics offered to our customers, we explored combining all three breeds into one composite to retain additional heterosis and capitalize on the strengths of all breeds in one package. After years of research, FUSION’s were born.

FUSION is a three breed composite consisting of Angus, Gelbvieh and Simmental genetics in varying percentages but mostly 50% Angus and/or Red Angus; 25% Gelbvieh; 25% Simmental.

This three breed composite utilizes the strengths of each breed and increases the amount of retained heterosis to the equivalent of F1 crossbreds.

Fusion’s are available in black (also homozygous black) or red and are polled. Because they are comprised of well-established and proven breeds, they are supported by the breed association databases for genetic evaluation and predictions. They can be registered in either the Gelbvieh or Simmental associations and since both of these breeds utilize the same data set to calculate EPD’s and indexes the numbers are comparable to Balancers and SimAngus with an extra shot of heterosis.

Experience tells us that Fusions are best used by previous Balancer and SimAngus buyers who are looking to increase their genetic power and heterosis. Customers who have been buying Balancers can use SimAngus to produce Fusion offspring and SimAngus buyers can use Balancers to produce Fusion offspring. Or, they can buy Fusions to produce Fusions directly.

Flying H Genetics is always looking for ways to improve the genetics offered to our cattle customers. Fusions are a new genetic tool that gives you more options and more heterosis with the same great service and genetic breeds offered by Flying H Genetics.