Meat Is Good for You

Cancer and meat? Does meat really cause cancer and what does this mean for the country as a whole? Such a report could prove disastrous to the billions of dollars that the meat industry represents, but could it just be false fire? Is someone trying to sabotage the meat industry? No one is really sure… Read more »

Is America Turning Away from Meat?

At Flying H Genetics, we wave our meat lover’s flag with pride. It’s obvious that America is a nation of carnivores; it’s been that way through history. Our insatiable lust for the blankets of bones has inspired us to do great deeds. Our hunger has built this nation from coast to coast, but unfortunately, it… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Eating Meat

While too much of anything is rarely good, we’re happy to report that eating a moderate amount of meat everyday can be part of a healthy diet. There are actually a wide range of advantages that go along with eating meat, with beef in particular offering a number of benefits. The following are just some… Read more »

Making the Beef Industry Even Stronger

Anyone who works in the beef industry should always be looking towards the future, and while the industry continues to remain strong, there are certainly steps that could be taken to make it even more successful in the future. Recently, winners of the Farmers Weekly’ Beef Farmer of the Year Award outlined some key improvements… Read more »