Exporting American Cattle All over the World

At Flying H Genetics, you know we’re proud of our cows and our breeding strategies. All across the world, America is known for having the greatest cows around. In other words, the stock is strong, just like the everyday American. Being our love for this industry is strong, we’re very interested in what’s happening in it. Recent news suggests that Belarus is crazy for American cows, especially a Jersey cow breed that may be used on Belarusian dairy farms.

In this BelTA article, it is reported that “a Belarusian delegation led by Agriculture and Food Minister Leonid Zayats was in the USA on a visit on 17-23 May. The development of relations in the area of dairy and meat cattle husbandry was discussed among other things. On 26 May the Agriculture and Food Minister visited Vitebsk Oblast where the possibility of importing the Jersey breed of cows for milk production was discussed.”

The reason for this is simple: the Jersey breed is smaller, which means they require less food than the Belarusian breed, yet at the same time the milk production is very high. Not only will this save money for the Belarusian government, it will also maintain a high level of milk production. The hope is this deal will spark additional trade between the two countries, with the Jersey breed being crucial in the plan to have Belarusian exports to the USA reach $100 million.

So, what do you think? What kind of effect will this have on the beef and cattle industry in America?