How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Summer is finally here or, let’s rephrase that, it’s right around the corner. With the warm months ahead, there are many causes to celebrate and perhaps none more forgettable (unfortunately) than Father’s Day, which tends to be overshadowed by Mother’s Day.

So this coming Father’s Day, let’s not forget the efforts of fathers all across the country who work tirelessly to support their families and put food on the table. So how should we honor these hardworking dads? With beef and steaks, of course! At Flying H Genetics, we want this summer to be a summer of fathers and beef, and it seems like most of America is in agreement with that sentiment.

According to Todd Simon, senior vice president of Omaha Steaks, “In a recent survey, 80% of dads say they would like steaks for Father’s Day and 57% of them will be grilling on that ‘special’ day. And yet, only 9% are likely to receive the gift of red meat.”

What gives America? Fathers everywhere are craving meat and it is our duty as sons, daughters and friends to deliver on that desire. So this Father’s Day, let’s give them what they really want and try to make this holiday as special as it possibly can be. Remember, fathers and beef are as American as apple pie – the lifeblood really of this great country.