Simangus Bulls

At Flying H Genetics, we work hard for you the customer everyday to provide excellent quality cattle made up of sound genetics from the breed leaders. Our ranch is focused on 5 breeds of cattle that perform well for us.

Simangus Bulls for Sale

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The function of crossbreeding is to maximize heterosis, or hybrid vigor, but it is important to utilize breeds whose genetics will complement each other. SimAngusTM is the convenient way to capture heterosis and value. This crossbreeding system has the ideal balance of maternal and carcass traits. No two breeds offer more commitment to profitability.

SimAngus™ refers to cattle with the following characteristics: the animal is at least ¼ Simmental and ¼ Angus or Red Angus and no more than ¾ Simmental or no more than ¾ Angus or Red Angus; the animal’s parents are both registered in the database of the American Simmental Association; and the sum of Simmental and Angus or Red Angus blood in the animal is at least ¾.