Trade Restrictions on Beef Exports to Mexico Dropped

The beef industry in the United States is going strong, but that’s because beef produced in this country is delivered to people not only within our borders, but beyond them. In fact, it’s estimated that as much as 1/3 of the beef produced in the USA is exported to Mexico each and every year. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Australian Beef Industry Reduces Environmental Impact

A new study indicates that over the past few decades, the beef industry in Australia has successfully reduced their overall impact on the environment. The study was conducted by Meat & Livestock Australia, otherwise known as MLA. The organization analyzes a wide range of factors before releasing their results, a few of which include the… Read more »

Update on Beef Checkoff Enhancements

Several beef organizations have recently agreed on a plan to improve the beef checkoff program. As it stands right now, the national program amounts to $1-per-head, and in general it was designed to drive up the demand for beef not only across the country, but around the world. The program is funded by both beef… Read more »

The Tradition Continues

Every family has their unique story. The ‘Helms Family Story’ starts in Germany, moves to America in 1867 with my great grandfather when he was eighteen years old, then to a homestead where my grandfather was born in 1889 northeast of Arapahoe, Nebraska. Agriculture, crops, cattle and horses, has been our occupation for generations; seed… Read more »