Is Cloning Livestock the Future of the Beef Industry?

The holiday season is full swing and demand seemingly for everything is heating up, and beef is no exception. That of course brings a smile to us at Flying H Genetics, not just because the demand for beef is skyrocketing, but also because people world over are not being fazed by recent reports linking the… Read more »

New Pain Drug Affecting the Cattle Industry

The cattle industry is heavily regulated and that is a good thing. At Flying H Genetics, we know codes and regulations like the back of our hand. We would not be in this business for 65 plus years if we didn’t adhere to such rules. To be successful in this industry, you have to respect… Read more »

How Old Was the Animal Your Steak Came From?

From everyone at Flying H Genetics, we hope you and your family had a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving, that your bellies are full and you had some great food. You could say that this season is the time for eating, that it is not just a time for turkey or ham, but also beef, which… Read more »

Red Meat: The Facts

The last two months, we have used this blog to address many issues concerning meat that have come up in the news. One of which is that red meat causes cancer. Let’s revisit that. With the latest researchers releasing findings indicating red meat causes cancer, we’re already seeing backlash. We immediately see enumerable consumers swearing… Read more »