Beef Industry Leaders Take a Look at Safety

Beef Industry Safety Summit Making sure cattle are raised properly and beef is manufactured, packaged, and delivered safely is always a top priority in the industry, and that’s exactly why the annual Beef Industry Safety Summit exists. Several leaders from throughout the industry recently met to discuss these issues and more, ensuring that the practices currently in place are as safe as possible. Ways in which food safety could be advanced were also discussed, and overall the summit was a productive meeting.

The Beef Industry Safety Summit began in 2003, and since then experts have gathered each year to discuss and analyze a variety of issues regarding safety. Throughout this summer, various food safety leaders met with prominent people who come from all aspects of the industry, as well as academics and others who hope to play a role in safety efforts going forward.

Some of the sessions at this year’s summit looked at current regulations, new research, and more specific topics like taking a look at what the poultry industry learned about Salmonella and how that information could be applied to beef. Another major topic this year was antibiotic use and resistance, something that the FDA has been keen to address recently.

We’re happy to hear that the 2015 Beef Industry Safety Summit had another productive year, and we’re always eager to ensure safety is a top priority when it comes to cattle and beef. For more industry updates and news, keep checking back with the team at Flying H Genetics!