How to Be a Sustainable Cattle Owner

There are many cattle ranchers throughout the country that country that have made the commitment to become more sustainable over the years. They’ve stood the test of time, with multiple generations of the same family running the same ranch for years. But there are also roughly 200,000 fewer beef producers in 2019 than there were… Read more »

Ways to Prevent Sick Calves From Costing You Money

Every year, Bovine Respiratory Disease, better known as BRD, costs the cattle industry an estimated $1 billion annually. BRD can cause pneumonia in calves which may be fatal. And even if calves survive BRD, they often end up being poor performers. This will negatively impact a rancher’s reputation and bottom line. Here are some of… Read more »

The Most Important Aspects of Responsible Beef Production

As a cattle rancher, one of our main goals should always be to produce high-quality beef. Why would we want to intentionally raise an inferior product for our consumer?  And, we must produce it for a price our consumer can afford. As a cattle rancher, you have thousands of dollars invested in your cow herd… Read more »

Are Drones Important to the Future of Ranching?

Ranchers know that keeping their cattle healthy is one of their most important jobs. And it’s not easy.  More than 2.5 million cattle die every year as a direct result of health issues. However, there might be help on the way. Drones—yes, drones!—could be the solution to a problem that cattle ranchers have faced for… Read more »