Tips for Keeping Your Herd Healthy

If you run a cattle ranch, one of your biggest concerns is keeping all of your animals as healthy as they can possibly be. When you have unhealthy cattle in your herd, diseases can spread and affect a large portion of your cattle in no time. Unhealthy cattle can then die and cut down on… Read more »

The Ongoing Demand for Grass Fed Beef

Many of the cattle raised in the U.S. are fed a diet consisting mostly of corn and grains. This fattens the cattle up, and it has allowed the beef industry in this country to grow at a really rapid pace without costing cattle ranchers a ton of money. Nevertheless, over the last few years, the… Read more »

An Overview of Angus Beef

If you have ever watched a TV commercial for hamburgers or checked out a burger menu at a restaurant, you have probably come across the words “angus beef.” Many people believe that the word “angus” refers to the quality or grade of beef present within a burger or another type of meat. But in actuality,… Read more »

Reasons to Get Your Cattle From Flying H Genetics

When you order cattle, you are obviously making a very big investment. So why order cattle from a company that doesn’t have your best interests at heart? At Flying H Genetics, we understand that the health and quality of your cattle is important to you. So is the customer service and warranty that you receive… Read more »