Why Choose Balancer Cattle?

Are you looking for high quality cattle that is renowned for having superior growth? If so, Balancer® cattle could be the ideal option for you. Let’s check out some of the many benefits of owning Balancer® cattle. A Brief Look at the Makeup of Balancer® Cattle Balancer® cattle are one of the hardiest and most… Read more »

Interesting Facts about Gelbvieh Cattle

There are many types of cattle in the country and world today. One of the oldest types of German cattle breeds is called Gelbvieh—which is pronounced “Gelp-fee”—and it has been around for more than 150 years now. The Germans started breeding Gelbvieh around 1850, and through intensive breeding trials, they were initially able to turn… Read more »

How to Be a Sustainable Cattle Owner

There are many cattle ranchers throughout the country that country that have made the commitment to become more sustainable over the years. They’ve stood the test of time, with multiple generations of the same family running the same ranch for years. But there are also roughly 200,000 fewer beef producers in 2019 than there were… Read more »

Ways to Prevent Sick Calves From Costing You Money

Every year, Bovine Respiratory Disease, better known as BRD, costs the cattle industry an estimated $1 billion annually. BRD can cause pneumonia in calves which may be fatal. And even if calves survive BRD, they often end up being poor performers. This will negatively impact a rancher’s reputation and bottom line. Here are some of… Read more »