An Overview of Angus Beef

If you have ever watched a TV commercial for hamburgers or checked out a burger menu at a restaurant, you have probably come across the words “angus beef.” Many people believe that the word “angus” refers to the quality or grade of beef present within a burger or another type of meat. But in actuality,… Read more »

Reasons to Get Your Cattle From Flying H Genetics

When you order cattle, you are obviously making a very big investment. So why order cattle from a company that doesn’t have your best interests at heart? At Flying H Genetics, we understand that the health and quality of your cattle is important to you. So is the customer service and warranty that you receive… Read more »

Are Your Cows Employees?

You furnish them health care, food and lodging and ask them to do a specific job—convert forages/feed into pounds of beef to sell—sounds like an employee to me. If you look at your cows as employees, it will change your expectations of them. You have a lot invested in your cowherd, bulls, equipment and corrals,… Read more »