Why Choose Balancer Cattle?

The Benefits of Balancer Cattle Are you looking for high quality cattle that is renowned for having superior growth? If so, Balancer® cattle could be the ideal option for you. Let’s check out some of the many benefits of owning Balancer® cattle.

A Brief Look at the Makeup of Balancer® Cattle

Balancer® cattle are one of the hardiest and most valuable breeds of cattle in the marketplace. A beef cattle hybrid, they are a cross of Gelbvieh and Angus genetics. The combination adds heterosis to the herd, which helps with a variety of things, including:

  • An increased lifespan for cattle
  • Improved mechanisms to digest feed, which increases yield grades
  • Helps create improved lineage, as they serve as superior animals who yield high quality beef

Balancer® cows are anywhere from 75 to 25 percent Gelbvieh, according to the American Gelbvieh Association, with the rest of their makeup coming from the Angus (red and black) lineage. All are documented and registered by the AGA.

Balancers, which have either a red or black appearance, can be used by both grass and feedlot owners, and they have value in both local trade and export markets.

The Benefits of Balancer® Cattle

So why do both ranchers love the Balancer breed? Let’s take a look.

  • Ranchers value their reproductive traits
  • They have excellent growth trends
  • They retail a high quality yield of beef
  • They have higher pregnancy and weaning rates, helping farmers bottom lines

What’s more, the Angus mix to the Balancer® cattle makeup provides the hybrid with higher marbling quality. In fact, there are even some varieties of this livestock, known as the Southern Balancer®, which are specifically bred for farms in ranches in warmer, southern climates. The Balancer is the best of both worlds: it has the growth and muscle you’d expect in the Gelbvieh breed, with the marbling quality you find in the Angus breed.

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