Is America Turning Away from Meat?

At Flying H Genetics, we wave our meat lover’s flag with pride. It’s obvious that America is a nation of carnivores; it’s been that way through history. Our insatiable lust for the blankets of bones has inspired us to do great deeds. Our hunger has built this nation from coast to coast, but unfortunately, it seems that meat is on the downturn, according to this Bloomberg article.

Lydia Mulvany writes, “In the U.S., a country known for drive-thru burger joints and over-sized steaks, demand for the meat on a per-person basis is slumping to the lowest in more than four decades. With consumers bracing themselves for another slow patch in the economy, shoppers are increasing choosing cheaper pork and chicken as alternatives.”

According to Mulvany it seems that the economy is forcing people to reconsider their love of meat and what they purchase at the supermarket. Maybe it’s not that Americans are falling out of love with mean; it’s just that their pocketbooks are squeezing the love out of their hearts. While this is a tough pill to swallow in terms of American brawn, it’s more disturbing when thinking of the cattle industry, which is a huge moneymaker in the country.

We are optimistic though that the economy will rebound and Americans will return to high-quality meat like a lover that’s been away for far too long.What do you think? How long can you go without meat?