Are Your Cows Employees?

You furnish them health care, food and lodging and ask them to do a specific job—convert forages/feed into pounds of beef to sell—sounds like an employee to me. If you look at your cows as employees, it will change your expectations of them. You have a lot invested in your cowherd, bulls, equipment and corrals,… Read more »

We’re In This Together…

…and as a team—a group that works toward a common goal—we will win! Just as with sports teams, in the cattle business there are several team members and all are important to your success. The most important team member is you the OWNER—the man or woman in charge—the decision maker or coach if you prefer…. Read more »

USDA Publishes Genomic Database of U.S. Beef Cattle

When breeders and researchers want to have a gene analysis conducted on a cow, it typically takes about three months and costs roughly $3,000. These analyses can help identify good candidates for breeding programs, and prevent genes that cause hereditary illness from being passed on to future generations. But because the process is rather expensive… Read more »

Chief: The Bull That Changed the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry has come a long way since the early days, when cows were hand-milked and milk was delivered to homes fresh in glass containers. Nowadays, scientific advancements have helped dairy farmers increase their yields, keep their cows healthier, and turn a bigger profit. But the advancements in genetics have also shown dairy farmers… Read more »