The Most Important Aspects of Responsible Beef Production

As a cattle rancher, one of our main goals should always be to produce high-quality beef. Why would we want to intentionally raise an inferior product for our consumer?  And, we must produce it for a price our consumer can afford.

Beef Production

As a cattle rancher, you have thousands of dollars invested in your cow herd so it is good business to take care of them—utilize good herd health, nutrition and care.  But that doesn’t mean you should baby them.  Why not consider your cattle as hired help?  You treat them well—free room and board and health care—so shouldn’t you expect them to work for a living?  And if they’re not “paying their way” replace them with ones that will!!  Don’t get married to ‘em just because she raised a good calf in 2017.

Making sure your cattle are in good health at all times

There are, of course, selfish reasons why you should keep your cattle in good health. If your cattle are unhealthy, they won’t produce to their potential.  Poor health affects the quality of their meat and their potential profitability.  Good nutrition and reducing stress also produces healthier cattle.

Reducing the impact that your operation has on the environment

The cattle on your ranch have an impact on the environment of your ranch.  Proper grazing and grass management can help your cattle have a positive impact. Cattle will improve natures grasslands while helping make ranching profitable if managed properly. Working with nature means better long term results for the land, cattle and you.  It all starts with rain and sunshine that produces grass and forages that are harvested by cattle and converted into nutritious high quality beef for consumers around the world!  Managing the grass and forages  with high quality cattle to produce superior beef is what Flying H Genetics can help you do. Contact us today to explore the different superior beef cattle genetic packages we offer to help you make the most of your ranch and your management and produce the BEST BEEF POSSIBLE.