Tips for Buying Cattle at Auction

Cattle Auctions

Attending auctions, either private or consignment auctions, is a great way to stock your ranch with cattle.   But be careful and have a bidding plan in place before you go.

Ease your way into bidding on cattle.

When you attend an auction to buy cattle for the first time, it’s easy to come across as being too overeager. Rather than placing initial bids on the cattle that are up for auction, observe and avoid getting involved too early.  This will give you a change to evaluate the market—what is a fair price for different types of cattle.

Watch out for seasoned cattle buyers.

Realize that some buyers do this for a living–buying thousands of cattle for others.  They know better that the occasional buyer what the value of each group of animals is.  Larger more uniform groups are worth more so buying smaller groups or singles may be a good way to start.  If you are at a private ranch bull and/or female sale most of the cattle will be sold individually or in small groups and a sale catalog with a lot of information will be available.  Be sure to arrive an hour or two before the sale to give you time to view the cattle and make some selections that you would like to buy.  Know what your price limit is and how many head you need so you can plan you bidding.

Always try to place winning bids on at least two cattle at an auction.

Cattle are, by nature, herd instinct animals. They are not comfortable alone so any single animal purchases should be unloaded into a pen with other cattle to keep them calmer and help them adjust to their new home.

Remember, you buy them you own them. The cattle you purchase become your property as soon as you place a winning bid on them. So be prepared to haul them home and have a corral for unloading them unless other arrangements have been made.

Flying H Genetics hold several auctions each year in multiple locations.  We are willing to help you with your cattle purchases.  Call or text 308.962.6500 or email for free assistance.  We have been putting buyers and superior cattle together since 1949.