The Pre-Requisites to Starting a Cattle Beef Ranch

Owning a Ranch There are more than 90 million cattle scattered throughout the U.S. right now. The majority of them are located on cattle beef ranches. If you’re thinking about starting a cattle beef ranch of your own, there are a few things you’ll need in order to do it. Here are the necessities for jumpstarting a cattle beef ranch.


The first thing you’ll want to do when starting a cattle beef ranch is find the right land for your needs. You will want to locate a large plot of land that is capable of housing the necessary facilities for cattle ranching. You also want land that can allow cattle to have the room to roam. Additionally, check to make sure the county in which you’re buying land allows for cattle ranches. There are some that don’t permit ranches to be built.


Once you have land to start your cattle ranch, you’ll need to build the proper facilities on it to house your cattle. That means putting up fencing around the perimeter of your property to prevent cattle from getting out. It also means creating a barn or shed to shelter your cattle. You’ll even need a chute where you can keep cattle that need vaccinations or other forms of health care.

Cattle feed

Feed is one of the biggest expenses you encounter as a cattle beef ranch owner. Although cattle diet consists mainly of hay and pasture, you’ll also need to invest in concentrate feeds like corn and grains to provide cattle with energy. Cattle eat about 2.5 percent of their own body weight each day in some form and fashion.


After you have land, facilities, and feed set up for cattle, it’ll be time to bring the cattle themselves in. Consider which cattle breed would be best for you based on where your ranch is located. You can choose from angus cattle, balancer cattle, simmental cattle, and other breeds.

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