Ranches vs. Farms

Ranches vs FarmsIf you aren’t a part of the agricultural industry, you probably use the words “farm” and “ranch” interchangeably. To you, they’re one and the same. But those in the agricultural industry know better than to mix up the two. Yes, farms and ranches are both typically situated on large plots of land. However, they are, as any farmer or rancher will tell you, not the same thing. Let’s take a look at what a farm is versus what a ranch is and then see which one you would want if you were to kick off a career as a cattle rancher.

What is a farm?

A farm is any plot of land that is used to produce crops or any other products that are going to be used by humans later. Often, farms are used to grow fruits, vegetables, and other crops. There are also some farms that will rely on livestock for some aspect of the farming process. You can have farms that focus mainly on crops, mainly on livestock, or some combination of the two.

What is a ranch?

While most farms are centered around growing crops, a ranch is a very specific type of farm that is designed to raise livestock to produce food and/or many other animal products, including everything from eggs to leather to milk. The land on a ranch isn’t used for planting and growing crops like it is on a farm. Instead, it’s usually set aside so that cattle can graze.

Which one should you use to raise cattle?

If you’re thinking about raising cattle, you’re going to want to open up a cattle ranch and treat it like a ranch as opposed to a farm. You’ll need to find a ranch that has enough space for you to provide shelter for your cattle. You’ll also need a large open space where your cattle can graze.

Outside of obtaining land to start a cattle ranch, you’ll also need to stock it with cattle. Flying H Genetics has tons of cattle breeds for you to choose from. Contact us today to see which kind of cattle might be best for your new ranch.