Growth-Promoting Implants – A Growing Investment

The prices for calves are expected to be down this year, so many ranchers and livestock farms are turning more to growth-promoting implants in hopes of adding another 20 to 30 pounds to their animals during the weaning process.

Cattle GrowthAs Drovers explains, growth-promoting implants have become a proven and effective technology for increasing the weight of calves. As long as a calf can obtain enough nutrients to support the growth, the use of a growth implant can result in extra weight. For some cattle, this could mean an additional $20 to $30 (or more) when it comes to the sale price.

Historically, cattle producers pass up this technology, as they believe that a difference in price premiums offset the natural growth. Sometimes the price differential between implanted and non-implanted calves was not enough to make it worth it, but that could change this year. The premium is expected to be less for non-implanted calves, making implants a better moneymaking option than in years past.

Of course, a big part of that is the timing of the implants. Research has shown that calves from young cows should be implanted at preconditioning time for best results due to differences in nutrient intake from the calves. More mature cows produce more milk, so their calves respond more when implanted earlier. Calves from young cows show greater response when implanting is delayed, as they are able to consume more forage or feed resources to support growth.

It’s a management decision, but one that can pay off in the long run, and with prices expected to be lower this year, the extra weight and an extra $20 to $30 per head could stack up to significant additional profits from your herd this year.

Another way to add extra weight with or without implants is to utilize heterosis or crossbred vigor.  Flying H Genetics strongly promotes complimenting genetics to produce better cattle with increased efficiency, livability and weight gain.  That’s why we offer more than one genetic package.  Heterosis is like using natural steroids to increase growth and muscle–only we do it by crossing genetics that complement each other.

Flying H Genetics has a long history of providing customers with the best genetics available, along with following advances in technology and breeding to provide you with the perfect, profitable animal for your farm. If you have questions about implanting or heterosis or are interested in purchasing Quality Guaranteed Seed Stock beef animals this year, reach out to Flying H Genetics today by calling or texting 308-962-6500 or go to