Can Goats Help Your Cattle Ranch?

Goats on Cattle RanchesTo run a successful cattle ranch, you’ll obviously need to stock it with a quality herd and take good care of them. However, did you know that your cattle ranch could also benefit from having goats on it as well? There are a handful of reasons why you should strongly consider adding goats to your cattle ranch right away. Take a look at a few of them below.

Goats will help manage the weeds on your ranch.

When you put your cattle out to pasture, the last thing you want is for them to rummage around in weeds. Goats can eliminate a weed problem for you and ensure that you don’t have too many weeds on your property. Goats are known to chow down on weeds and get rid of them at a rapid pace. Putting just a few of them on your ranch could clear up your weeds quickly.

They’ll also clear away brush on your ranch that your cattle won’t get near.

In addition to getting rid of weeds, goats are also known to clear away other types of brush that won’t look all that attractive to your cattle. The more of this brush they can clear, the less of it you’ll have to handle on your own. Goats will essentially provide you and your ranch with free labor by eating their way through any brush that your cattle don’t want to touch.

They’ll even reduce the number of parasites on your ranch.

Parasites can turn into a big problem on your cattle ranch if you aren’t proactive about cutting down on them. Goats have been shown to reduce the number of parasites on a cattle ranch over time. If you’re worried about parasites causing issues for you, getting goats onto your property as quickly as you can might be your best option.

Flying H Genetics can tell you more about the many benefits of adding goats to your cattle ranch. Contact us today to find out about the cattle we have to offer to those with ranches.