About the Breeds: Profiling Balancer, Simmental and Gelbvieh

Cattle BreedsFlying H Genetics breeds five different types of cattle, using genetically enhanced expected progeny differences, or EPDs, and multitrait DNA analysis to ensure the animals you purchase are the exact breed for your needs. Let’s take a closer look at a few of our star breeds.


Gelbvieh cows have great maternal strengths. With their outstanding fertility, milking and mothering abilities, Gelbvieh cows produce more calves and more weaning weight while maintaining a more moderate mature size than other breeds. These cattle also tend to be incredibly docile and easy to handle. These cows are able to produce large quantities of meat, as well, making them incredibly valuable as beef cows to produce beef steak and because of their strengths they cross well with other breeds.


For a slightly modified version of the Gelbvieh, look to our Balancer cattle. These are registered hybrid seedstock that are typically between 25 to 75 percent Gelbvieh, mixed with either Angus or Red Angus. This makes for an excellent combination, as the Balancer cattle combines the Gelbvieh’s growth, muscle, leanness and fertility with the maternal nature and desirable marbling found in the Angus species. This diversity also allows producers to pick the best genetic mixture based on their unique needs on their farm or ranch.


Offering great adaptability is the Simmental breed, which has a number of great benefits for herd owners. These cows tend to offer a superior milk production, exceptional quantities of meat and a tolerance for heat that makes them capable of withstanding hot and sweltering summers in the field. The breed is also able to be bred with British and Continental genetics to create a more specialized animal for cattle exhibitors or for niche market production. The Simmental is also a popular breed for other crossbreeds, including the SimAngus which we’ll look at next week.

At Flying H Genetics, we’ve worked to provide strong and virile bulls and cows for farms all around the country. With extensive research into the bloodlines and breeding of our seedstock, we guarantee the best animals possible, offering our clients high-quality cattle for their beef operations, as well as for show. To learn more, give us a call today at 308-962-6500, and be sure to check back next week for more on the Angus, Red Angus and SimAngus!