Welcome to our ROUGHAGE N’ READY Bulls and Females and GROWN ON GRASS Bull programs. WOW, have things changed in the cattle business.

In 1968 we started taking weights to identify the better growing bulls. By adding AI and ET in the 1970’s, Angus, Gelbvieh, hybrids and DNA analysis for coat color in the 80’s, and Simmental genetics, EPD’s, carcass and ultrasound measurements in the 90’s, our ability to produce and identify better cattle exploded.

Now in 2016, Genetically Enhanced EPD’s utilizing multitrait DNA analysis eclipses all of the other advancements in its ability to help us more accurately identify the real genetics of every animal we sell!!! This is Huge!!!

We can now offer you bulls and females with accuracy of predictions equivalent to having already produced and slaughtered 5-20 calves depending on the trait. So when you select an animal, and rely on the EPD’s to tell you what that animals calves will do, you can be more confident than ever that what you see is what you get!!

Our goal for 66 years has been to produce the best, cull the unacceptable and stand behind every animal we sell. Gnomically enhanced genetic evaluation helps us move another step closer to perfection.

Please review the bulls and the powerful genetic packages offered. Whether you’re looking for heifer bulls, power bulls or balanced genetics, we offer several options that give you that plus the natural “Steroid” of heterosis.

For those of you who are not already our customers, WE DARE YOU TO COMPARE FLYING H GENETICS BULLS/FEMALES TO YOUR CURRENT SUPPLIER! We are confident you will like what you see.